Why take Guide?

All of your questions about the process of finding, applying to, and landing an online teaching job answered!

  • Module 1: The Whos, Whats, and Wheres of Online Teaching

    Module Objectives

    In Module 1, we will take an extensive look at the world of online teaching. Who is an online instructor? Who do they teach? And what does an online instructor do? What does the job description entail? Then, we will take a good look at where you will be applying (For-profit? Fully online school? Large state school?). We conclude with an in-depth look at the typical requirements that schools have for their online teaching job candidates.

  • Module 2: Your Online Teaching Job Application

    Module Objectives

    In Module 2, we discuss how to develop habits that increase the chance that you will come across an online job relevant to you. We will prepare you to apply to jobs expediently yet thoroughly by compiling a "file" of information commonly asked for on online teaching job applications. We will also examine what makes a "good" vs. a "great" curriculum vita (CV) and provide guidance and examples on how to successfully craft this critical document. A good cover letter is also an important feature of an online teaching job application, so we will spend time reviewing how to write a strong one.

  • Module 3: Next Steps - While You Wait, Interviewing, and On-Boarding

    Module Objectives

    In Module 3, we discuss the "Waiting Game" and what it is all about. We also consider some good ways of spending that "waiting" time to bolster your resume, increase your self-confidence, and create opportunities. And then, assuming that you do eventually get that coveted callback, you'll want some guidance on the online teaching job interview process - which this module will also provide. We'll close by touching a bit on the school's HR on-boarding process.


“I was able to go through the course and create my own personalized list of action items/next steps to complete that will help me work towards my goal of obtaining an online teaching job.”

Keonna D.Keonna D.

“This will help me to make a number of adjustments to my current CV that will definitely make a tremendous difference. Great course. Valuable information presented in an organized, efficient, and manageable manner.”

George M.George M.

“You truly shared some much useful information and used great examples. I put a working road map together of things I need to do to my resume to make it a CV. I truly learned a lot. This was a great class!”

Ema T.Ema T.

“This is practical, useful information. I will definitely use it as a guideline to my job search.”

David T.David T.

“Communicating the reality of the apply-and-wait situation was very helpful. I also think the clear communication regarding the minimum requirement of 18 units was also very realistic. I was able to really manage my expectations regarding the online applications scenarios with this knowledge about the basic requirements. ”

Shelby G.Shelby G.

“The biggest strength: The instructor shares real-life experiences throughout the course.”

James B.James B.

“I love how you opened the course up with a personal story. It was applicable and I immediately connected with it. It was nice to have your personal tone through out the course as opposed to just the information. It provided credibility to the course. The course provided a lot of validation to what I am currently experiencing. I have some good specific take aways. My dissertation focused on online adult learners, and the information presented was consistent with my findings. I think someone who doesn't have much of a background or done much research on the process will find this course extremely beneficial. ”

Shannon P.Shannon P.

“So much valuable content that I'd like to review multiple times as it is really helpful information.”

Joann K.Joann K.

“The personal stories in the Modules brought the texts to life coupled with the Self-check Questions to strengthen concepts learned. It is comprehensive and valuable.”

Patricia F.Patricia F.

“An excellent broad overview of getting an online teaching position.”

Kelly L.Kelly L.